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Eugene Arte Latino (EAL)

EAL is driven by a mission to elevate the essence of Mexican and Latin American traditions within a welcoming and dynamic milieu across the Northwestern United States. Through unconventional venues such as galleries, local enterprises, public spaces, educational institutions, universities, and virtual platforms, EAL orchestrates a diverse monthly calendar of offerings. Our engaging program encompasses a spectrum of enriching experiences. Follow us on Facebook at

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Whiteaker Community Market

The Whiteaker Community Market hosts a recurring Sunday Farm & Artist Market every May - October, Holiday Markets in November and December, and Pop-Up Markets throughout the year. The Sunday Market has farmers, bakers, artists, makers, food artisans, and more! SNAP and DUFBs (up to $20 match) are accepted. Open to both established and emerging local businesses, the Whiteaker Community Market has a strong, supportive community of vendors who grow together.

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Whiteaker Printmakers

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit fine art printmaking studio and gallery, Whiteaker Printmakers provides a 3,000-square-foot workspace full of specialized equipment, tools, and materials for nearly all traditional printmaking processes—etching, lithography, letterpress, woodcut, screen print, and more! WhitPrint offers membership and guest-artist access, assisted printmaking sessions, workshops, exhibits, and events to support the extraordinary practice of printmaking. @Whit_Print

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Wildling Collaborative Arts

Wilding Collaborative Arts aspires to merge healing arts and expressive arts. We have seven private studio spaces available. We are home to Mystic Fables Leather and Viking Textile Maker Hub. We are also home to Wildling Ceramic Collective and have memberships and classes available beginning January 2023. Wildling Collaborative Arts will be hosting a monthly Death Cafe where we hold space for community conversation around death and dying. Social media: @wildlingcollaborativearts

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Wordcrafters in Eugene

Wordcrafters is a 501(c)3 nonprofit literary arts organization that believes in the power of story. Wordcrafters empowers writers and readers by increasing access to community, craft, and inspiration. Wordcrafters offers a variety of classes, workshops, and community gatherings for adults and youth–including story weekend writing retreats, creative writing summer camps, a story contest, write-ins, spoken word events, and more. @wordcrafters #bewriting

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The John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts

The Shedd Institute for the Arts is a performing arts company, community music school for all ages, and regional cultural resource. The Shedd produces and presents over 200 events annually from films, lectures and celebrations to diverse musical genres including blues, jazz, world, rock, classical, folk, and much more! Follow The Shedd on Instagram @the_ shedd_institute and Facebook @The John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts.

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Teak, #pattrickprice, was born and raised in Southeast Alaska where he was immersed in culture. His style of art reflects that as a painter, muralist, teaching artist and storyteller. Moving to Eugene in 2017 has enlightened Teak’s creativity as a professional artist and expanded his approach in designing colorful murals, paintings, and wearable art throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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The Craft Center, University of Oregon

Celebrating 50 years!! The Craft Center is the place to begin your journey. No matter your background, at the Craft Center you can find an escape and discover your creative side. Whether you want to learn something new, or revisit past experiences, we are here for you. Art exploration, relaxation and innovation are all possible. Visit our eight studios to work independently or register for a workshop of your choice. Follow us on Instagram: @uocraftcenter.

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Rose Children’s Theatre

Since 1978, Rose Children’s Theatre’s mission has been to strengthen our community by empowering children and their families through the experience of the magic of theater. We have three objectives: to inspire children who have the dream to perform on the stage; to help build family relationships through direct participation in producing a play; and to provide the community with top-quality children’s theatre. Facebook/Instagram: rosechildrenstheatre

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Oregon Country Fair

Oregon Country Fair is a magical event held every July in Veneta, OR. For 55 years, we have been celebrating art of all forms by bringing together local artists, chefs, and entertainers to celebrate in the woods along the Long Tom River. Featuring a vast array of entertainment on 17 stages, including vaudeville, captivating dance, music across genres, spoken work, aerial acts, giant puppets, and so much more, OCF's mission is to transform culture in magical, joyous, and healthy ways.

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