Whiteaker Community Market

The Whiteaker Community Market is a neighborhood art and farmer’s market. WCM is dedicated to supporting new and beginning artists and farmers by offering abundant support and economic opportunities. The WCM provides an inclusive, diverse neighborhood gathering place that is centered around increasing the quality of life in the Whiteaker neighborhood and beyond! Visit the summer market at 4th & Blair, open May–September. Shop pop up markets throughout the year at various locations! Instagram: @whiteakercommunitymarket

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Wildling Collaborative Arts

Wilding Collaborative Arts aspires to merge healing arts and expressive arts. We have seven private studio spaces available. We are home to Mystic Fables Leather and Viking Textile Maker Hub. We are also home to Wildling Ceramic Collective and have memberships and classes available beginning January 2023. Wildling Collaborative Arts will be hosting a monthly Death Cafe where we hold space for community conversation around death and dying. Social media: @wildlingcollaborativearts

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The Gone Rogue Boutique

We are a women's clothing and gift boutique that specializes in locally produced artisan goods. We also offer free rotating space in the boutique for community artisans to sell their product and host lots of fun events. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @thegonerogueboutique or check out our website at

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Suddenly Sleepy/Chef Andre Royal

The Suddenly Sleepy Sleepwalk was founded in 2018 by Chef Andre Royal. “Suddenly Sleepy” 501c3 was founded a year later. This was just the first step in advocacy and educational events held locally around town to raise awareness about narcolepsy & sleep disorders. “Suddenly Sleepy” provides a fun and engaging way to support the importance of sleep through awareness campaigns & diverse communities within already existing infrastructures such as schools, running communities, arts and the hospitality Industry.

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Lane Arts Council

Lane Arts Council, founded in 1976, works to cultivate strong arts communities in Lane County through arts education programs, community arts experiences, and supporting local artists and arts organizations. Lane Arts Council supports partnerships with local businesses through community arts initiatives including the downtown First Friday ArtWalk. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @laneartscouncil

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Orchestra Next

Orchestra Next is committed to training the next generation of orchestral musicians. We do this by creating opportunities for students and professionals to collaborate, rehearse and perform together in productions that enrich Oregon’s cultural landscape. Orchestra Next strives for excellence in its model of mentorship, virtuosity in every production, and joy in making music. Follow ON Instagram @orchestranext

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Harmonic Laboratory

Harmonic Laboratory is an interdisciplinary arts collective located in Eugene. Our 501(c)3 nonprofit’s vision is an Oregon where artists thrive. Our mission is to produce groundbreaking creative projects that pay artists. Follow us on Facebook @ HarmonicLaboratory or learn more about how you can be involved as an artist, donor, or events-goer on our website.

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Joseph Peila Creative Resource

Joseph Peila is a Creative Resource. I have been an artist and creative professional for over 25 years. I am a master at creating ideas and creating beautiful lasting images. I provide solutions in photography, design, video, woodworking, and technical services. I love connecting with individuals in our arts community. Follow me on Instagram @mrpeila and @eugideas

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Girl Circus

Founded in 2001, Girl Circus has brought together female circus performers, amateur and professional, ages 5-75 to train, mentor and create shows with original music, scripts and choreography. Our mission is to create theater that is non-objectifying, inspiring and community strengthening. For 21 years, Girl Circus shows have attracted thousands of viewers. We offer summer camps in rural counties in Oregon and Washington to provide arts enrichment outreach to girls.

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