Eugene Arte Latino (EAL)

EAL is driven by a mission to elevate the essence of Mexican and Latin American traditions within a welcoming and dynamic milieu across the Northwestern United States. Through unconventional venues such as galleries, local enterprises, public spaces, educational institutions, universities, and virtual platforms, EAL orchestrates a diverse monthly calendar of offerings. Our engaging program encompasses a spectrum of enriching experiences. Follow us on Facebook at

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Wildling Collaborative Arts

Wilding Collaborative Arts aspires to merge healing arts and expressive arts. We have seven private studio spaces available. We are home to Mystic Fables Leather and Viking Textile Maker Hub. We are also home to Wildling Ceramic Collective and have memberships and classes available beginning January 2023. Wildling Collaborative Arts will be hosting a monthly Death Cafe where we hold space for community conversation around death and dying. Social media: @wildlingcollaborativearts

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T2, T2K, Tamiatree – Artist

Seeing Life and the world through the eyes of an artist is a kind of magic. Something intrinsic within us from birth. We all start out as artists. Having a rich, inner world and the drive to share that vivid imagery with others is where our true individuality shines. I dabble daily with the light and magic that is Life. Sculpting, laughing, writing stories and songs, cooking up trouble, brewing friendship and camaraderie. Tasting the night wind, I paint the purity of joyous whimsy.

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Lane Arts Council

Lane Arts Council, founded in 1976, works to cultivate strong arts communities in Lane County through arts education programs, community arts experiences, and supporting local artists and arts organizations. Lane Arts Council supports partnerships with local businesses through community arts initiatives including the downtown First Friday ArtWalk. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @laneartscouncil

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Fernland Studios

Fernland Studios is reimagining environmentalism through art and education. Our mission is to provide Black, Indigenous, and people of color opportunities to explore environmentalism through artist residencies, educational retreats, and writing workshops. Our vision is to reimagine how we work within environmentalism, provide space for people to express themselves through art, aid in developing rejuvenating and reciprocal relationships, and foster placemaking for communities of color in the Pacific Northwest.

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Foxlight Labs

Foxlight Labs is an enterprise focused on creating interactive light art led by James Sartor and Justin Kittell. Our primary medium is large-scale light art installations, but we also create and sell smaller light sculptures. Our art is designed to connect people to light using music, magic, and in other unexpected ways, evoking a state of wonder and childlike enthusiasm in those who engage with it. Follow us on Instagram! @foxlightlabs

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Harmonic Laboratory

Harmonic Laboratory is an interdisciplinary arts collective located in Eugene. Our 501(c)3 nonprofit’s vision is an Oregon where artists thrive. Our mission is to produce groundbreaking creative projects that pay artists. Follow us on Facebook @ HarmonicLaboratory or learn more about how you can be involved as an artist, donor, or events-goer on our website.

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DesiFest is an annual South Asian arts and culture festival. Our mission is to celebrate and explore the diverse and dynamic experiences of the South Asian diaspora through the arts and humanities. We engage performance artists, visual artists, and storytellers to cultivate spaces for dialogue, collaboration, and empowerment across borders and boundaries of identities and cultures.

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Eugene Concert Choir

The Eugene Concert Choir engages, inspires and enriches the community through the performance of choral masterworks, diverse artistic experiences, and educational outreach. A Resident Company of the Hult Center for the Performing Arts, the Eugene Concert Choir, Eugene Vocal Arts and Eugene Concert Orchestra, directed by Diane Retallack, bring the beauty and power of choral music to be enjoyed and appreciated by all. Follow Eugene Concert Choir on Instagram @Eugene_ Concert_Choir and on Facebook @EugeneConcertChoir

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