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One Wall Gallery

A contemporary gallery focusing on painting, featuring regional and international artists. Located on the second floor of Epic Seconds, a locally owned record store and long-standing staple of the downtown community. We consider ourselves an artists' gallery.

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Eugene Arte Latino (EAL)

EAL is driven by a mission to elevate the essence of Mexican and Latin American traditions within a welcoming and dynamic milieu across the Northwestern United States. Through unconventional venues such as galleries, local enterprises, public spaces, educational institutions, universities, and virtual platforms, EAL orchestrates a diverse monthly calendar of offerings. Our engaging program encompasses a spectrum of enriching experiences. Follow us on Facebook at

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Whiteaker Printmakers

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit fine art printmaking studio and gallery, Whiteaker Printmakers provides a 3,000-square-foot workspace full of specialized equipment, tools, and materials for nearly all traditional printmaking processes—etching, lithography, letterpress, woodcut, screen print, and more! WhitPrint offers membership and guest-artist access, assisted printmaking sessions, workshops, exhibits, and events to support the extraordinary practice of printmaking. @Whit_Print

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UO School of Art + Design

The School of Art + Design is a community of creatively and critically engaged artists and designers working in the fields of art and product design. The creative work generated in the school is shared in many forms, including public events that are free and open to all: the Visiting Artist Lecture Series, annual exhibitions of student work, and weekly exhibitions in multiple various exhibition spaces including the LaVerne Krause Gallery and 510 Oak building, which also houses faculty studios. @uoartdesign

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White Lotus Gallery

The White Lotus Gallery opened in June of 1992, inspired by the founding partners’ shared love of Asian prints. Over the years, the collection has grown to include Chinese and Japanese paintings as well as a continuing emphasis on 19th to 21st century Japanese prints. Since 2000, the gallery is also proud to represent some fine regional artists. We welcome you to visit the gallery to see their work, which we showcase throughout the year in changing exhibitions. Follow White Lotus on Instagram @whitelotusgallery1992.

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UO Center for Art Research

The Center for Art Research (CFAR), directed by University of Oregon Department of Art faculty, cultivates diverse modes of public engagement related to the practices of contemporary artists by supporting speculative research, discourse, exhibitions, and publications. CFAR also coordinates a year-round calendar of studio visits for Oregon artists by prominent visiting curators and arts writers, who offer public lectures and other forms of engagement to the community, vis-à-vis the Critical Conversations program. @uocenterforartresearch.

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T2, T2K, Tamiatree – Artist

Seeing Life and the world through the eyes of an artist is a kind of magic. Something intrinsic within us from birth. We all start out as artists. Having a rich, inner world and the drive to share that vivid imagery with others is where our true individuality shines. I dabble daily with the light and magic that is Life. Sculpting, laughing, writing stories and songs, cooking up trouble, brewing friendship and camaraderie. Tasting the night wind, I paint the purity of joyous whimsy.

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Society of North American Goldsmiths

SNAG is an inclusive community committed to advancing the multifaceted field of metalsmithing, jewelry and adornment by inspiring creativity and furthering education and opportunities. Publisher of "Metalsmith" magazine. Based in Eugene, with an international reach. Follow SNAG on Instagram @snagmetalsmith

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Shelton McMurphey Johnson House

SMJ House is a Victorian House Museum in the heart of downtown Eugene. We feature exhibits and educational events centered on arts and culture. SMJ hosts summer camps, music events, and educational tours for all ages year round. The museum is also available to rent for private events. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Ralf Huber

I am a mixed-media assemblage artist. You could call my style “art with purpose,” leaning toward conceptual art but with higher emphasis on execution and esthetics. All elements used for my work are found, reused, or repurposed. I see my art as a tool to address social and environmental issues, to open people’s eyes to tough topics, to raise consciousness. Samples of my work can be seen at the New Zone Gallery and at the Emeralds Art Center.

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