The Arts & Business Alliance of Eugene (ABAE) strives to ensure that the arts are always recognized as fundamental to our community’s cultural and economic vitality. With your support, we can continue to help artists, arts organizations, and businesses come together in creative and inspirational ways that expand opportunities for all Eugenians to lead better lives.


Here are some ways that you can support the ABAE:

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Together, Oregonians and the Oregon Cultural Trust fund 1400+ nonprofits in Oregon in the areas of arts, heritage, and humanities. When you donate to any (or several) of the 1400+ on the list, you qualify for a state tax credit. Your gift to the Arts & Business Alliance of Eugene may entitle you to a tax credit under the terms of the Oregon Cultural Trust. To learn more about this program visit the Oregon Cultural Trust website.

ABAE Cover Aty

2022 Arts Guide Poster

The 2022 Arts Guide cover art was created by Eugene-based cartoonist and illustrator Erick Wonderly Varela. The use of birds and varied colors in this piece is meant to show the diversity of the arts and artists here in Eugene. We have 11×14 posters of this artwork available for sale. All proceeds from the poster sales will help support the creation of next year’s Arts Guide.

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2021 Arts Guide Cover

2021 Arts Guide Poster

The Arts & Business Alliance of Eugene commissioned local artist Dorothy Siemens to design the cover artwork for the 2021 Arts Guide. Dorothy Siemens is an illustrator and multimedia artist from Eugene, Oregon. This piece celebrates the resilience we found in 2020 and how we quickly learned the importance of showing up for one another. We have 11×17 posters of this artwork available for sale. All proceeds from the poster sales will help support the creation of next year’s Arts Guide.

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Partnership is our raison d’être, our reason for being. We exist because of partnerships and center our work around helping others form meaningful partnerships that help local businesses and arts organizations achieve mutual success.

The ABAE is thriving today because of these forward-thinking local organizations who believed that by creating an alliance, they could ensure the arts are always recognized and celebrated as vital to our community’s health and longevity. Our founding partners continue to support and leadership.

These amazing business partners helped bring our fabulous events and programs to life this year.

The ABAE is deeply grateful to have selected for funding by the following foundations:

Catalyst Club

The Catalyst Club is a network of business leaders and individuals dedicated to exploring and supporting the arts. The ABAE’s work would not be possible without the generous support
of our Catalyst Club members. Members play a pivotal role in sustaining the ABAE’s mission of enriching Eugene through strong arts and business partnerships. In addition to sending a clear message of support for our local arts community, membership includes benefits that help businesses and employees. These include:

Exposure: The ABAE offers your company exposure to a targeted audience. Increased exposure through the Catalyst Club will deepen your company’s brand awareness with this highly engaged segment of our community. Membership provides online visibility to this audience as well as networking opportunities at our events.

Connection: Members build personal and deep relationships with other arts-appreciating business and community leaders.

Access: Members receive special access to ABAE programs and events. This VIP access ranges from discounted prices to customized experiences and expertise for your business.

For more information about levels and benefits contact Kelly Johnson at (541) 242-2364 or





Your sponsorship is the perfect way to serve our community and your company’s goals. Your company will benefit from enhanced visibility, recognition, and networking opportunities. Every sponsorship is treated individually with utmost care and consideration, and our staff will work with you to ensure that your sponsorship is in alignment with your company’s goals.

ABAE will work with you to develop an ideal suite of benefits for your company. The ABAE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions are tax-deductible.

For more information contact Kelly Johnson at (541) 242-2364 or