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T2, T2K, Tamiatree – Artist

Seeing Life and the world through the eyes of an artist is a kind of magic. Something intrinsic within us from birth. We all start out as artists. Having a rich, inner world and the drive to share that vivid imagery with others is where our true individuality shines. I dabble daily with the light and magic that is Life. Sculpting, laughing, writing stories and songs, cooking up trouble, brewing friendship and camaraderie. Tasting the night wind, I paint the purity of joyous whimsy.

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Teak, #pattrickprice, was born and raised in Southeast Alaska where he was immersed in culture. His style of art reflects that as a painter, muralist, teaching artist and storyteller. Moving to Eugene in 2017 has enlightened Teak’s creativity as a professional artist and expanded his approach in designing colorful murals, paintings, and wearable art throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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Shimizu Photography

Shimizu Photography focuses on creating images and films that tell the story of individuals, organizations, and the community. We believe in the power of visual representation. Follow me on Instagram @shimizuphotography to see our portrait work and current updates. I am also working on two projects: documenting diversity in this community and sharing the stories of Japanese WW2 survivors. You can find more on our website under “thoughts.”

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Paul Safar

Paul Safar is a versatile composer/performer and private piano instructor living and working in Eugene. Commissioning ensembles include the Delgani String Quartet. His music has been performed in cities from New York and Seattle to Havana and Fairbanks. Having a background in both classical and jazz/rock, one of Paul’s goals is to coherently combine these influences in his compositions. He is available for commissions to produce new compositions and collaborations as well as for hire as a pianist.

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