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The Grapefruits Duo

Margarite Waddell, french horn, and Coco Bender, piano, make up the contemporary and classical duo The Grapefruits. They perform frequently throughout the PNW with the goal of presenting traditional classical french horn repertoire, new 20th-century works, and commissioned works by PNW composers. Currently, The Grapefruits are performing works by Kenneth Amis, Tara Islas, Eugene composer Paul Safar, William Grant Still, and others.

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Paul Safar

Paul Safar is a versatile composer/performer and private piano instructor living and working in Eugene. Commissioning ensembles include the Delgani String Quartet. His music has been performed in cities from New York and Seattle to Havana and Fairbanks. Having a background in both classical and jazz/rock, one of Paul’s goals is to coherently combine these influences in his compositions. He is available for commissions to produce new compositions and collaborations as well as for hire as a pianist.

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Kutsinhira Cultural Arts Center

Kutsinhira is a community of people, responding to the rich musical tradition of the people of Zimbabwe, who created a center for teaching and performing Zimbabwean music. Kutsinhira offers classes in Zimbabwean marimba and mbira and organizes lessons, workshops and performances with visiting Zimbabwean master musicians. Kutsinhira’s professional-level marimba bands can be hired for lively public and private performances. Follow Kutsinhira on Facebook at

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Joshua Caraco

Joshua Caraco is a humble student of the West African Kora. He was a recipient of a 2022 Lane Arts Individual Artist Grant and an Oregon Community Foundation Creative Heights Grant with partner Tumelo Michael Moloi. In addition to performing, Josh is a co-creator and producer of @sanibonani_theshow. If you are looking for solo music for an event, a lively theater performance, Kora lessons, or advice on writing your own grant and producing your own show, Joshua is a local gem.

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Coco Bender Music

Coco Bender is a solo and collaborative pianist whose concerts focus on works of contemporary composers and woman composers, as well as a larger representation of the classical repertoire. Composers include William Grant Still, Bartok, H. Leslie Adams, Nathaniel Dett, and others. She presents intimate and charming concerts which delight the ear and inform the audience of new works. Coco has a rigorous performing schedule throughout the PNW. Follow on insta @cocob.piano

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Art House

Located in the historic former Bijou space, Eugene's iconic 2-screen art house cinema has been resurrected and reimagined as a multi-use venue. Coffee shop by day, low-key bar at night, with movies and events in the evenings and on weekends. Enjoy live music performances in an intimate seated listening room environment in the chapel hall of the converted Spanish Mission-style church, or relax with a beverage by the fountain in the cozy courtyard.

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A world without Art is a world without consciousness. Art4Truth is dedicated to the pursuit of Art’s deepest secrets while encouraging all people to connect to their creative selves. Art4Truth offers abstract and realistic paintings, drawings, coloring posters and pages, music, Art instruction and more. Inspiring Eugene and the world for over 20 years! Thanks for your continued support!!! Follow Art4Truth on - Instagram @ art4truth1 and Facebook, Twitter @art4truth.

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Carlos “Retro” Rasmussen

Retro is a self-taught freestyle movement artist, dance teacher, and mental health advocate. Through his classes and performances, he has impacted thousands across the West Coast. Adopted into a family of over 30 siblings, Carlos overcame adversity throughout his childhood, coping with incarcerated siblings, depression, and PTSD. These experiences led him to make it his mission to inspire others and bring change to the world by elevating the artistic, educational, and social impact of dance.

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Belly Dance Eugene

Belly Dance Eugene Studio provides a safe space to build confidence in our bodies and empowers women of all ages and body types to embrace their feminine curves. Sarina, Fusion Fascination, and Bellissimo Fusion perform at events. Classes are available at Belly Dance Eugene and Willamalane Adult Community Center. Follow us on Facebook or subscribe on YouTube!

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