Eco Murals

My compositions emphasize endangered species, ecosystem relationships, and cultural reflection to encourage action to protect the world we love. I paint dynamic landscapes which attract the public to get close and discover details, while also experiencing a sense of connection to the action depicted, a signature style of my painting. I have dedicated myself to community engagement, mentoring youth and collaborating with emerging artists using a community-based process of making public murals locally and internationally since 2005.

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Vault Dance Studio

Learn to dance in a safe, fun environment. We provide beginner dance classes, wedding dance lessons and all levels of ballroom dance for everyone, no matter your age, body type or stage of life. Join us to learn to dance as a single or couple. We will cater to your needs. Follow us on Instagram

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Veselo Community Folk Dancers

Veselo Folkdancers will host renowned Turkish dance teacher Ahmet Lüleci at a workshop-with-party on March 18-19, 2023. He will teach Turkish dances to all who wish to learn. The Saturday night folkdance party features live music and scrumptious snacks. Our venue is upstairs at the Vets Club, 16th & Willamette, with its lovely, spacious wooden floor. Prices and other details at our website.

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Viking Textile Maker Hub

Viking Textile Maker Hub is a non-profit supporting sewists in their craft of textile arts with the following offerings: Access to industrial sewing machinery and tools in our makerspace; education in industrial sewing, upcycling and other textile arts; and small batch manufacturing that connects skilled sewists with flexible contract work. Find us on Facebook and Instagram: @vikingtextilemakerhub

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Wildling Collaborative Arts

Wilding Collaborative Arts aspires to merge healing arts and expressive arts. We have seven private studio spaces available. We are home to Mystic Fables Leather and Viking Textile Maker Hub. We are also home to Wildling Ceramic Collective and have memberships and classes available beginning January 2023. Wildling Collaborative Arts will be hosting a monthly Death Cafe where we hold space for community conversation around death and dying. Social media: @wildlingcollaborativearts

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Wheelhaus Arts

We are an art studio where we encourage you discover your own vision by helping you build confidence in your artistic skills. Providing Kids/Teen Classes (K-12th grade), Artists Gallery, Studio & Classroom created by David Placencia. WheelHaus Arts connects the next generation of artists to the local art community.

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Wordcrafters in Eugene

Wordcrafters is a nonprofit literary arts organization celebrating 10 years of helping you find your voice and tell your story. Wordcrafters offers classes, workshops, and community gatherings for adults and youth, including creative writing summer camps, an LGBTQ2STIA+ book group, and monthly workshops for youth: Fiction Fantastic, a contest open to local young writers; and StoryHelix, a community storytelling project grounded in the ideal of making our area a braver, safer, more beautiful and equitable place. Instagram/Facebook: @Wordcrafters

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The Craft Center, University of Oregon

The Craft Center is the place to begin your journey. No matter what your background is, at the Craft Center you can find an escape and discover your creative side. Whether you want to learn something new, or revisit past experiences, we are here for you. Art exploration, relaxation and innovation are all possible. Visit our 8 studios to work independently or register for a workshop of your choice. Follow us on Instagram: @uocraftcenter.

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The John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts

The Shedd Institute for the Arts is a performing arts company, community music school for all ages, and regional cultural resource. The Shedd produces and presents over 200 events annually from films, lectures and celebrations to diverse musical genres including blues, jazz, world, rock, classical, folk and much more! Follow The Shedd on Instagram @the_ shedd_institute and Facebook @The John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts

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