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Oregon Bach Festival
Oregon Bach Festival
Oregon Bach Festival has presented the masterworks of J.S. Bach, and composers inspired by his work, to audiences in Eugene and throughout the State of Oregon for more than five decades. In addition to traditional choral-orchestral masterworks, the Festival also presents internationally renowned guest artists such as Yo-Yo Ma, Midori, Pink Martini and Joshua Bell, and offers educational opportunities, children and family programming, and community events.
Sandy Sanders
Sandy Sanders
I am a multi-media and installation-oriented artist that splits working with social activist arts and aesthetics. You can see samples of my current works at New Zone Gallery, including functional arts: posters, upcycled stenciled t-shirts, cards and bookmarks. I see art as a tool to humanity's evolution away from personal greed and toward collective eutopia.
Delgani String Quartet
Delgani String Quartet
Delgani String Quartet is dedicated to cultivating an appreciation for chamber music through distinctive performance, innovative programming, educational outreach, and collaboration. The quartet curates their own concerts in Portland, Salem, Corvallis, and Eugene. Delgani strives to create community with audiences in ways that reflect the intimacy of the string quartet itself, through interaction, expression, and spontaneity. The musicians of Delgani are violinists Anthea Kreston, Jannie Wei, violist Kimberlee Uwate, and cellist Eric Alterman.
SMJ House
Shelton Mcmurphey Johnson House Museum
SMJ House is a Victorian House Museum in the heart of downtown Eugene. We feature exhibits and educational events centered on arts and culture. SMJ hosts summer camps, music events, and educational tours for all ages year round. The museum is also available to rent for private events. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.
Eugene Gay Mens Chorus
Eugene Gay Men's Chorus
The Eugene Gay Men’s Chorus follows its mission to uplift and create LGBTQ+ visibility, community, and celebration through our chorus performances. Our inclusive membership presents entertaining programs (both ticketed and outreach events) that bring LGBTQ+ visibility to venues in Eugene, Corvallis, Bend, and beyond! We strive to make our performances entertaining and engaging because quality performances help us better support our mission. @egmchorus
Karen Russo
Karen Russo Studio
Karen Russo is a sculptor living in western Oregon. She works primarily in clay for its malleability, capacity for transformation, and direct connection to the earth. Her figurative work explores the tensions of the feminine experience: instability and equilibrium, resilience and fragility, love and grief. Through these maternal archetypes so evocative of the precious earth from which they were formed, Karen expresses an eternal optimism for the human spirit, in this beautiful and turbulent world.
Jerry Ross Studios
Jerry Ross Studios
Jerry Ross is an established portrait and landscape painter living/working in Eugene since 1974. An arts activist, he has played a role in the founding and survival of a variety of arts groups: DIVA, POEM, New Zone, DIVA Drain, Club Macchia, and the Salon des Refises. His style is "American verismo" based on Italian painting theories and ideas from 2 main streams of influence: Italian and Chinese. Ross teaches T'ai Chi and painting classes and is accepting students.
Veselo Community Folk Dancers
Veselo Folkdancers will host renowned Turkish dance teacher Ahmet Lüleci at a workshop-with-party on March 18-19, 2023. He will teach Turkish dances to all who wish to learn. The Saturday night folkdance party features live music and scrumptious snacks. Our venue is upstairs at the Vets Club, 16th & Willamette, with its lovely, spacious wooden floor. Prices and other details at our website.
Paintings For Hummingbirds
Paintings For Hummingbirds
Jaimee Lee Gentile, captures the delicacy of life in the natural world through her miniature watercolors. Her work invites you to step up and into tiny little worlds, to see our gorgeous home planet from a new perspective. Follow @paintingsforhummingbirds on Instagram!
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