creative academy


Let’s play! Need to shake up your daily routine? Searching for a way to recharge your creative batteries? Can’t figure out the way through a complex problem? You have come to the right spot. This library of quick creativity-boosting videos, led by local artists, will help you escape routine, embrace constraints, focus on process, dream big, and more.

Creative Academy

Join poet, storyteller, and theatremaker Eric Braman as they guide you through an exploration of metaphorical thinking and poetic reflection. These practices support the development of empathy, widen our personal understanding of the world and others, and provide us with tools to express our interests and needs. Unlock new pathways of thinking through creative writing!

Discover how to increase your productivity and energy levels at your desk with renowned Fitness Specialist and Dancer Denise Thomas. Learn how to align, stretch, and breathe comfortably in your workspace and create a flow to enhance your mindfulness and focus. Take a break and revitalize yourself to keep going strong throughout the day. Let’s Move!

Learn creative problem-solving and how to reframe your strategy when facing obstacles or challenges with upcycle designer Mitra Gruwell’s no-sew T-shirt project.

Author J.C. Geiger shares tips to unlock your creative rhythm and shape the conditions for what director David Lynch calls “catching the big fish” – landing your best, boldest ideas.

Take a break and engage in some creative play with mixed media artist, Mija Matriz. She’ll show you how to take everyday items and make them into ephemeral works of art. It’s a great way to reset if you have a long list of to-do’s and need to engage your creative brain.

Join musician, composer, and theatre-maker Cullen Vance, as he leads you in a soft-focus listening activity. This activity is perfect if you are preparing for an important meeting and want to make sure you are engaged and receptive to the conversation.

The Creative Academy Video Library was envisioned and created by the Arts & Business Alliance of Eugene in partnership with the Gordon Hotel and Delene & Co. It grows, evolves, and is elevated by each featured artist.