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Welcome to ABAE’s Arts and Business ARTICLES!

The founding tenant of ABAE is that working together business leaders and artists can accomplish more than is possible individually, whether that is measured by sales, revenue, employee engagement, customer satisfaction, innovation, or artistic output.

In this new section of our website and through our social media networks, we’ll be sharing all sorts of specific ways that companies can benefit from incorporating the artistic process into their business activities and by engaging Eugene’s vibrant arts community. We’ll also be sharing ways local artists and art organizations can benefit from engaging local business leaders. Much of this material will be drawn from our Creative Academy Seminars and real-life examples of arts and business partnerships in our own community. Other articles will feature examples of businesses and artists working together drawn from around the country and the world.

Our hope is that you will find inspiration for your own work in these ARTICLES. If you have any personal stories that you’d like to share, or know of a great example of business and the arts working together, please contact us though email, Facebook, or LinkedIn.