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Upstart Crow Studios and Levi Strauss

The everyday child. These are the people Upstart Crow Studios serve. This non-profit theater arts studio is different from others in that the children’s success is not dependent on their ability or auditions. Instead, each and every child is given a role, and are able to fully explore the art of creative expression. Prior to involvement of Levi Strauss, the studio was not a safe place for the children to practice theater. Floors were torn, causing children to trip and hurt themselves. With the help of Levi Strauss, a new stage was assembled for the children, and accidents have not occurred since. “Levi Strauss is incredibly committed to the community,” says Katie Ericson, an accounting associate at Levi Strauss. “We believe that if we enrich the community we live and work in, we can enrich ourselves and in tern enrich our company.”