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Ninkasi Brewing and Local Musicians

Ever since their inception in 2006, Ninkasi has striven to keep an active relationship with the community. Nikos Ridge, co-founder of Ninkasi Brewing, ensures that “partnering and being involved in your community feeds back positively to business success.” To this end, Ninkasi actively engages with local musicians; whether it’s putting on the Whiteaker Block Party in Eugene or sponsoring myriad musical events across the Northwest. At any given time, Ninkasi is working with 20-40 local artists, helping their craft prosper by encouraging artists to record in Ninkasi’s own music studio, as well as assisting artists with booking events. In this way, artists spread the word about Ninkasi’s beer, while Ninkasi gets the word out about local musicians, creating a truly inspiring and mutually beneficial partnership.