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Concentric Sky and Light at Play


The Radiance Dome is a dynamic and creative space like no other. A structure 40 feet wide and 28 feet tall, the dome consists of light guide panels that change color through different inputs such as hand and body movement. Concentric Sky, a high end web and mobile company, wants to give back to the community by giving people the opportunity to contribute to an experience. Through Concentric Sky, Light at Play was formed as an initiative to give strength to their future projects. “Creativity is something that is often lost in the mix in business,’ says Wayne Skipper, Concentric Sky President and Co-founder of Light at Play. “A lot of business people don’t understand that creativity is essential to innovation, and without creativity, you really can’t innovate at all.”

Learn more about Light at Play at: http://lightatplay.net/

Concentric Sky: http://concentricsky.com/