10 Tips for Better Business Collaborations

At the Arts and Business Alliance of Eugene’s most recent Creative Academy seminar, Effective Business Collaboration: Artistic Insights, members of Eugene’s Harmonic Laboratory led participants through a series of exercises designed to help them understand what type of collaborators they are. Building a tower of spaghetti noodles strong enough to hold a marshmallow gave participants insight into whether they prefer to take a leadership role or back seat during team projects.

The Innovation Process Through An Artistic Lens

Business innovations sometimes come from a brilliant insight pulled from the depths of your brain. But more often, they are the product of observing the world around you. The same can be said of artwork. The people who create inspiring paintings, plays and other pieces almost always incorporate observations from the physical, social, even business world into their work.

Numbers Don’t Lie: The Arts Bring Economic Prosperity to Eugene

Eugene’s nonprofit arts community has an annual economic impact of $62 million and supports 2,400 jobs. Their investment provides $45.7 million in income for area residents and generates $3.9 million in tax revenue for local and state governments.

5 Tips for Hiring and Retaining Outstanding Employees

On May 14, about 20 local businesspeople attended a session on “Creative Employee Engagement” with Terry McDonald, executive director of St. Vincent de Paul, and Willow Norton, director of Oregon Performance Lab and an artist-in-residence at Lane Community College. The workshop focused on creative ways to hire and retain good-quality employees.

Welcome to ABAE’s Arts and Business ARTICLES!

The founding tenant of ABAE is that working together business leaders and artists can accomplish more than is possible individually, whether that is measured by sales, revenue, employee engagement, customer satisfaction, innovation, or artistic output. In this new section of our website and through our social media networks, we’ll be sharing all sorts of specific […]